The purpose of the National Specialty Futurity is to encourage the planning and breeding of Chinese Shar-Pei that will produce the best possible specimen of the breed and to reward the breeders for their efforts. For this reason, the Futurity monetary awards are weighted in favor of the breeder. Recognition, however, is not limited to the breeder, but also to the owners in whose hands the responsibility of developing the inherited potentialities are given, and to the owner of the sire for the sire’s genetic contribution.

The Futurity, which is held in conjunction with the National Specialty, is entered by nominating an eligible litter. Individual puppies from a nominated litter are eligible to compete in the first annual Futurity held on or after the date they reach six months of age.

In the Futurity Stake, there will be eleven (11) monetary awards, with three individuals, (the breeder, the owner and the sire’s owner), partaking of each, resulting in a minimum of thirty-three (33) monetary awards being issued and won by eight (8) different Chinese Shar-Pei.

Information and Contacts

If you need a copy of the forms, have questions, or need a copy of the Rules – please contact:

Futurity/Maturity Secretary:
Georgette Schaefer
822 Via Seco
Nipomo, CA 93444-5423
805- 929-2206

Futurity Treasurer:
Kay Rosenberger
PO Box 305
Wellington CO 80549

Futurity Director:
Jocelyn Barker
7739 Schafer Road
Bozeman, MT 59715