To join the C.S.P.C.A. please complete both steps below. If you have any questions regarding membership or membership application, please contact Bob Calltharp, CSPCA Membership Secretary.

Once a person has applied for membership to the CSPCA, their name will be listed in the next issue of the CSPCA Express Newsletter.  After the newsletter is published and posted, there is a thirty (30) day waiting period to allow for comments from the members of the Club.   After the 30 day period is over, those applying for membership will be voted on by the Board of Directors at their next meeting.  Once a membership is approved,  if you are a new club member, you will receive a welcome letter and a New Members Handbook telling you all about our club. Those members renewing a membership after a lapse will not be mailed a New Member’s Handbook., but will receive a notice that their membership was approved.   If your membership is denied, you will receive a notice explaining the denial and informing you that you can reapply in 6 months.

STEP 1: Complete Application

Please complete the application below. You may fill out the application and hit the submit button at the bottom to email it to us, or print it and scan or email it to us using the contact information at the bottom of the application.

STEP 2: Pay Membership Dues

Please use the button below to pay your membership dues.


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