The mission of the CSPCA Sweepstakes is to provide a competition where breeders and owners can showcase their puppies and veterans.  Owner/handlers are encouraged to show their dogs and to share the results of their breeding program, the potential of their young dogs and the longevity and structural soundness of their veterans with other breeders and exhibitors.

Sweepstakes are held at the CSPCA National and Regional Specialties and strongly recommended for local affiliated club specialties.

Any purebred Chinese Shar-Pei six months of age and under eighteen months of age and entered in any of the regular classes at the specialty show are eligible to enter the Puppy Sweepstakes event.

Any purebred Chinese Shar-Pei over seven years of age is eligible to enter the Veterans Sweepstake event.  Entrants may be spayed or neutered and not required to enter in any other class.

 The Best of Sweepstakes, Best of Opposite Sex and individual class placement winners are presented rosettes or ribbons.  In addition to the rosettes or ribbons, trophies can be offered.

The distribution of prize money is a percentage of the total entry fees based on a fixed schedule.