The Board of Directors of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, Inc., is comprised of the Officers and three Directors from each of three regions: Eastern Region, Central Region and Western Region. These Directors* were nominated and elected by the members within their region to act as liaisons between the members within their respective regions and the remainder of the Board are elected at-large by the membership; If you have questions concerning the activities of the National Club, please contact any one of the Directors within your region or contact the Chairman of the Committee which was appointed to fulfill a specific need within the National Club.


Georgette Schaefer
Georgette Schaefer ’23
Vice President
Mike Hardy ’22
Marie Bradley ’22
Amy Osborne ‘23


Eastern Director
Donald Gillett ’23
Central Director
Ann Cookson ’22
Western Director
Lynn Olds ’23


Loretta Anders ’22
Director 1
Melody Anderson ‘22
Director 2
Denise Beagle ’23
Director 3
Alice Fix ’22
Director 4
Larry Harvey ’23
Director 5
Paula Perry ’23
Director 6

General Correspondence
5280 NE 16th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334-5804

To contact all of the board members in a preaddressed email, click here.