Chinese Shar-Pei Coat Color DNA Study

The package of 23 DNA brushes arrived in Saskatoon at our lab on March 2, 2005. On March 20, the DNA was extracted from the brushes. This collection represents a wide variety of coat colors. Noses of various colors also occur. Some dogs have facial masks and other do not. The masks are black or gray or brown. Click the link below for the full results of this study.

Color DNA Study

Standard Colors

“Effective 12 June 2002. This is the list of colors available to register a Chinese Shar-Pei with AKC.”


  • Apricot dilute
  • Black
  • Blue dilute
  • Lilac dilute
  • Cream
  • Cream dilute
  • Brown
  • Chocolate dilute
  • Red
  • Five point red dilute
  • Red Fawn
  • Fawn
  • Isabella dilute
  • Black sable
  • Cream sable
  • Fawn sable
  • Red sable

Alternate colors: (3)

  • White
  • Blue sable
  • Brown sable

Marking/Patterns: (7)

  • Mask Sable
  • Brindle White Markings
  • Spotted on white Saddle pattern
  • Pointed (tan or white. cream points)