If your club is having a specialty show coming up please notify us so we can add it to the page.  If you are an individual member of the club wanting to hold a specialty show, scroll to the bottom of the list to find the show application.


January 3, 2020
Empire Equestrian Park and Polo Field; Avenue 50 at Monroe; Indio, CA 92201
 Entry Fees:  $27/$20; Bred-by & Veterans $22; Sweeps $12; Juniors $5
 Entries Close 12-18-19  5:00 PM Pacific Time
Show Chairman & Secretary - Stephanie Weise
 (909) 518-0949  doggie_sec@hotmail.com   www.doggiesecretary.ambecreek.net
 11755 Malaga Drive,;  Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

 AM:  Conformation - Mr John Wade # 5936 
  Sweeps- Ms Karin Ashe
 PM: Conformation & 4-6 Month Puppy Competition - Ms Caryoln Taylor #


January 16, 17, 18 and 20, 2020
  Sponsored By: Sue Nilson, Denise Beagle, Mary Jo Janowicz & Josie Baker- Rickets
 Suburban Collection Showplace, 46100 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 
 Entry Fees: $31.00      Entries Close January 1, 2020
Show Superintendent - MB-F  mbf@infodog.com    www.infodog.com
Show Chairman: Ms Kelly Leonard   (734) 846-8015   kleonard734@gmail.com

 Thursday - Mr. Charles Olivis (Judge Change - In Place of Mr. Edd Biven)
 Friday - Mrs. Charolette Patterson
 Saturday - Mrs. Houston (Toddy) Clark
 Sunday - Mrs. Joan Goldstein

Special Events:
 Thursday - Best Veteran
 Friday - Best Puppy
 Saturday - Best Bred-By Exhibitor
 Sunday - Best Owner/Handler


February 22 & 23, 2020
Arizona Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Phoenix
 Inn Suites,  1651 W. Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ  85283 
 480 897 7900 

Entry Fees: $28.00        Entry Closes: Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Show Chairman & Secretary - Stephanie Weise
 (909) 518-0949  doggie_sec@hotmail.com   www.doggiesecretary.ambecreek.net 
 11583 Explorer Court, Corona, CA 92883 

Saturday AM - Dr. Valeria Rickard*  
Saturday PM - Gloria Kerr 
Sunday AM - Mr. Luis Sosa 
Sunday PM - Mrs. Linn Klingel-Brown   

Saturday - Dr. Azalea Alvarez 
Sunday - Mr. Robert Churchey 


Specialty Show Website Advertising Guidelines

All CSPCA clubs and individuals can advertise their specialty or regional shows on the CSPCA website.  To advertise your specialty, be sure to get the information sent to the webmaster in plenty of time so that exhibitors can include your show in their show plans. The following is the information to be included when you advertise your specialty show on the CSPCA website. Be sure to include ALL of the following information. Please put this information in the body of an e-mail and send to Alice at alleydoll3@comcast.net.

You can copy this information and paste in the body of an e-mail and then fill in all of the information.

Be sure that you use the same font style and size for the whole document.

  • Club Name-
  • Club Website-
  • Show Dates-
  • Show Location
  • Show Chairman-
    • Name-
    • Address-
    • Phone-
  • Judges Names-
  • Entry Fees-
  • Closing Date-
  • Show Secretary-
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone

Optional Information-

If your show is held in conjunction with an All-Breed Show, you can add the following information as well.

This show is held in conjunction with the (Name of the Kennel Club) at the same location.

  • Show Superintendent-
  • Dates-
  • Judges- Saturday- (Date)
    • Breed
    • Group
    • BIS
  • Sunday- (Date)
    • Breed
    • Group
    • BIS


Application and Specialty Guidelines for Individual(s)