In October of 1990 the CSPCA made an announcement of a proposal for research on the immune systems of Shar-Pei by Cornell University. Dr. Linda Tintle a member of the Health Through Education Committee reported on the work being done by the Veterinarians at Cornell University investigating the immune system of Shar-Pei and requested donations for their work.

In February 1991 the CSPCA Board made a further commitment to research with the creation of a new direction for the Health Through Education Committee. Chairman Marilyn Pickard, and Dr. Jeff Vidt, Dr. Linda Tintle, and Dr. Mark Goddell would be charged with moving forward with “Swollen Hock Syndrome”. Dr. Tintle presented a program on this at the National Specialty in 1991.

The problem however was funding. The Board of Directors as The Committee To Eliminate Amyloidosis appointed Board Members Dennis June, Danny Jaber, and Romana Arnold representing their regions. Their goal was to raise $10,000 before the National Specialty in Tulsa in May of 1993. $20,000 was raised from the membership.

An excerpt from the minutes of the General Membership meeting at the Tulsa National Specialty reads “The possibility of establishing a Foundation to handle the distribution of charitable donations for the benefit of Chinese Shar-Pei was discussed. Central Director Danny Jaber has been in contact with Ed Sledzik who has extensive experience in setting up canine foundations. Neither CSPCA Counsel Christine Amatruda nor CSPCA Accountant Walt Lupieka has experience in this process. The major reason to establish a Foundation is so that donations may be handled in a non-taxable manner. At the present time our emphasis is on Amyloidosis. However in the future we will need to deal with other issues and problems. A foundation can give the flexibility we will need. Some of the positive aspects of a Foundation were listed. No one present mentioned any negative aspects to the plan to establish a Foundation.”

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