CSPCA Therapy Dog Program

Therapy Dog Committee: The purpose of the CSPCA Therapy Dog Committee is to recognize our club members and their Shar-Pei that are registered Therapy Dogs and participate in volunteer therapy dog work. We also recognize trained service dogs and their owners. The intent is to acknowledge their contribution to the community and the enhanced image of the breed. Owner/Handler MUST be a member of the CSPCA in order to qualify for any award or recognition.

First Time AKC Titled Therapy Dogs:*

  1. Dog must have been awarded an AKC Therapy Dog title in order to qualify for a Therapy Dog Award. All dogs that receive a title in one year will be recognized the following year at the CSPCA Awards program with a medallion.

  2. A copy of the AKC title certificate must be submitted to the Therapy Dog Chairman no later than May 1.

Recognition of active participation in Therapy Dog work

All registered therapy dogs that are active and participate in therapy work during a given year will be recognized in The Barker magazine.

  1. Dog must be certified as a therapy dog by an accredited therapy dog organization or a comparable certification from the facility worked at. Proof of certification is required. (I.D. card, etc.). In the instance of a ‘facility certification’ a copy of the dog’s identification card/badge and a letter from the facility that the dog has passed the facility’s test will be required.

  2. A copy of the current up-to-date registration must be included in the paperwork submitted for recognition. This information must be submitted to the CSPCA Therapy Dog Chairman by May 1 in order to be officially recognized as doing therapy work during the previous year. These dogs will be recognized for the prior year’s work.

Therapy Dog Chairman’s Responsibilities

  1. Verifying the registration done during the year.

  2. Collecting the names of dogs that passed a therapy dog test during the year, and sending that list to be published in The Barker. These dogs will receive the CSPCA Therapy Dog pin to be mailed by the Chairman.

  3. Collecting all the names of dogs and owners that participated in therapy work during the year.

  4. Prepare an article for the Barker with the names of all dogs and owners that have done therapy work in the previous year (photos may be included).

  5. Prepare a list of all the dogs that have received the AKC Therapy Dog title during the year and send that list to the Awards Chairman by the deadline.

  6. Receiving and coordinating the Service Dog awards.

Service Dogs

  1. Service dogs must be trained to do tasks that are directly related to your disability.

  2. A brief write up of the tasks or service that your Shar-Pei provides for you should be submitted. Please include a photo (300 dpi if possible/ high resolution) of you and your dog. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address as well as the registered name of the dog and any call name. This information should be submitted to the Therapy Dog Chairman.

  3. Newly trained service dogs will receive a one-time recognition at the Awards program with a certificate.

  4. Owner must be a member of the CSPCA in order to receive this award.

On June 27, 2011 the AKC approved the Therapy Dog title, and the wording for the Therapy Dog was rewritten for our PPM to come in line with AKC’s new title. The writing was submitted to the board at the August 28, 2012 board meeting and unanimously approved.

Therapy Dog Pins are presented to any CSPCA member that has a Shar-Pei that has passed a verified Therapy Dog test and submits the proper information to the Therapy Dog Chairman. Those dogs will be recognized in our breed magazine, The Barker, as well as receiving this pin in the mail.

Therapy Dog Chairman

Tina Chase
PO Box 553
Belmont, MI  49306-0553

*For more information on the AKC Therapy Dog Title Program, click on this link: www.akc.org/akctherapydog