CSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award

CSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award (CDSA)- This award was established by the CSPCA in 2008 as a way to recognize those Chinese Shar-Pei that have performed some exemplary act that has significantly benefited a community or an individual. The act must be so significant that it would be defined as extraordinary. For a dog to be eligible, it must be a pure bred Shar-Pei, and either registered or eligible for registration with AKC.

Any CSPCA member or CSPCA Affiliated Club can nominate a dog. The owner of the dog is permitted to submit the nomination for his/her own dog. Nominations should be in writing and contain 500 words or less. Each nomination must include the following:

  • A non-returnable, clear, color photograph of the dog – no scans please.

  • A 500-word-or-less description of how the dog has demonstrated excellence.

  • Dog’s call name, registered name if applicable, breed, age and sex.

  • Owner’s/Nominator’s name(s), address and phone number. E-mail address if available.

Nominations are open through out the year, but the final deadline for nominations each year will be on August 1. The CSPCA Awards Chairman will call for nominations at least once a year. Nominations should be sent to CSPCA Secretary. The CSPCA Board of Directors will select all recipients of the Award from the nominations.

Any dog approved for the award will receive a certificate of recognition at the CSPCA Awards Banquet. The winning nominations will also get a write up in The Barker, on the CSPCA web site, and in our breed column in the Gazette when possible. There shall be no limit to the number of awards given out each year.

Any Chinese Shar-Pei that wins the AKC Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) or is an Honoree of the AKC ACE Award will automatically be eligible for the CSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award.

In order to recognize any dog that has received either the AKC ACE Award or been an ACE Honoree before 2008, any such dog will be eligible to receive the (CDSA) award in 2008, regardless of whether the dog is still living or must be awarded the honor posthumously.