Top Agility Dog Award Program

Program Description

Goal:  To promote the participation of the Chinese Shar-Pei in Agility competition and to recognize those Shar-Pei that excel in the sport and obtain AKC Agility titles.

Eligibility: Owner must be a member in good standing of the CSPCA at the time the dog earned its qualifying legs.

Determination: Qualifying legs may be earned in more than one year but the program award will be given for the year in which the title was attained.

Placements will be based on a point system using qualifying scores, plus the “times” from the 3 qualifying legs

  1. Start with the actual score
  2. Add 1 point for each full second under standard course time
  3. Add 4 points for a 1st place, 3 points for a 2nd place, 2 points for a 3rd place or 1 point for a 4th place


  • A Novice dog qualifies with 1 refusal and 1 wrong course but is 11 seconds under SCT. The dog’s score is 90 and comes in 3rd place in its class. The dog will receive 90 points (score) plus 11 points (time under SCT) plus 2 points (3rd place) for a total of 103 points from this leg.
  • An Excellent dog qualifies 18 seconds under SCT. Score of 100 plus a 1st place. The dog will receive 100 points (score) plus 18 points (time under SCT) plus 4 points (1st place) for a total of 122 points from this leg.


The Top Agility Dog Program will recognize dogs in both Standard, Jumpers and FAST classes. Plaques will be awarded for 1st place and certificates will be awarded for 2nd – 4th places. Novice, Open, Excellent, Masters, A, B and Preferred will all be awarded. All MACH get a plaque.

Awards will be presented at Nationals. These dogs will also be given recognition by being listed in the Barker and on the CSPCA’s web site.

Applying for an Award

The AKC top agility dogs report only shows dogs competing at the highest level, so in order to receive recognition it is the responsibility of the owner/handler to keep up with the required information and submit it to the Agility Chairperson. You must send the information from each qualifying leg of a title—score, standard course time, actual time, and placement (if any) to the Agility Chairman by July 1 each year.


Should the same dog be awarded more than one 1st place, all awards shall be listed on a single plaque.

Award plaques for Preferred classes will only be presented if a dog has not earned a title in its corresponding regular class. However, a dog can be awarded a plaque for a regular class even if it has its corresponding Preferred title.


This program will become effective with AKC Agility titles earned in 2003.

For More Information

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